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New navigation radar system for Royal Navy

One of the Astute class submarines, HMS Artful, which will be fitted with the new navigation radar. Copy copyright.

New state-of-the-art navigation radars will be fitted to more than 60 Royal Navy ships, submarines and shore facilities

The new radars are the result of a £44 million contract award by the Ministry of Defence.

The contract was awarded to Hampshire based Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems UK and will modernise ship and submarine navigation systems which are critical for safe navigation at sea.

Successor submarine programme: the facts

Successor is the replacement programme for the Royal Navy’s Trident missile Vanguard Class submarines which form the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

The continuous at sea deterrent (CASD) has provided the United Kingdom’s ultimate security insurance policy every day for the last 46 years.

Since 1992 the 4 boats of the Vanguard Class have maintained CASD, ensuring at all times 1 submarine was deployed. As the Vanguard submarines progress to the end of their lifespan, the UK is looking at the next generation of submarines to carry forward the vital role.

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